Global DevOps Experience

Welcome to the Global DevOps Experience, a unique, global event where the worlds of DevOps, Platform Engineering, and Developer Experience (DevEx) converge.

This event is for everyone who likes to learn how we can make software development more productive in a DevOps way of work. This one-day event, on , is designed for those intrigued by the potential of technology to transform traditional development practices into something far more dynamic by using GitHub, Azure, and AI.

This is an Event out of the box. This means you can organize this event for your local community on the same day. We, the organizers, provide you with everything you need to run a high-value community event. We provide the presentations, the hands-on labs, the infrastructure, and a fun narrative for the day. How do you organize this event? Simple: You sign up as a venue, and you, the local organizer, arrange a physical venue where people can join for the event. We provide you with everything you need to sign up attendees, content for the event, and all the infrastructure you need to run this event. Please sign up and provide us with some basic details, and we will be in touch to help you set everything up.

Global DevOps Experience

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What is the Global DevOps Experience

The story

You were onboarded to a Company that has some mission-critical applications running to sell concert tickets online. You will join their platform Engineering team to help this company deliver new software. Faced with emerging challenges and the need for innovation, the Company embarks on a transformation journey.

Soon, they realize that they find themselves at a turning point..... In order to survive, they will need to go all in on DevOps and DevEX and embrace AI.

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The "Global DevOps Experience" invites you to be part of this evolving story, where technology meets practicality and where every challenge is a stepping stone to innovation. Join us as and host a venue so you can be part of this experience and be at the forefront of your local community.