Global DevOps Experience The Hague (Delta-N)

Welcome to the Global DevOps Experience 2024, hosted by Global DevOps Experience The Hague (Delta-N) at The Hague

Joost Voskuil would like to welcome you at their venue on the for the 2024 edition of the Global DevOps Experience.

Welcome to the Global DevOps Experience The Hague. This location is provided and sponsored by Delta-N. You can easily park at our location in front of the building at our guests parkingplaces. If you come by public transport the nearest tram/bus stop is ‘Laan van Ypenburg’. See our website for detailed information how to get to our office

What are you going to do

On the 15th of June, you will have a day full of learning and fun as we will immerse you in the world of DevOps and AI.

Learn about the latest trends.
We will offer you an environment to learn about the latest technologies and trends.
Get help.
We make sure you don’t get stuck. It is all about learning and fun, so proctors will be around and the system will guide you.
Work in a team.
We will make sure you are able to work together in a team of peers.
Learn about GitHub.
Experience a fully provisioned GitHub environment and see how you can benefit from all its features.
Explore the usage of AI.
Both within the develop tools, and from a developer point of view.
Have fun.
Most importantly, have fun by working together on challenging exercises.

Your venue organizer(s)

This event is nothing without the support and guidance of the venue organizer(s).


The following people are there to help you as well. We call them proctors, just to indicate that you can ask them anything to keep you going. Remember; it is about learning and having discussions, so do use them!